Carthage Hunt Carthage Hunt New Carthage from a mile or so away. 139862590 This is what's left of the mine superintendents house in New Carthage, NM 139862591 A good place to begin hunting. 139862592 My first find...a Carthage Mercantile trade token. 139862593 Geared up for the hunt. 139862594 The shovel is for digging and dissuading Rattlers. 139862595 These ruins are upwards of 100 to 140 yrs old. The hunter is only half as old. 139862596 Old mine ruins. 139862598 Trashpicker working an ash pile. 139862597 Taking a break from hunting 139862589 Vast expanse of reclaimed mine. 139862599 You enter at your own peril. 139862600 The area still has old cut nails and washers a plenty. 139862601 Miners building in Old Carthage, NM 139862602 These are some of the finds made on our trips to Carthage. 141025844 2 best finds at Carthage. The token is a $1.00 in trade, made sometime around 1908. 141025843