Tom's Tom's 70563157 70563158 No Meteroite Thought i had new star from sky. turns out to be new Nickel-iron field. Darn 77024678 Nickel-iron still about a 1.00 per pound, this stuff will add up fast enough.!!! 77024679 RXR Finds Traced these 2, back to old school smelter of Bisbee, so far pound out 2 ounces of yellow stuff from them 77027110 RXR Finds Copper and turquoise 77027111 Santa Rita Mtns Type of gold ores, alot of silver in quartz, south of tucson 77027112 Weaver's Needle Inside the Superstition Mtns,Arizona, of the Lost Dutchmans Fame 77028231 Apache Warrior Ghost Only in the superstitions, while takeing a 360 degree photo lay out, of my GPS spot, This ghost desided to make appearance, this is no joke, didn't believe ghost story's of these mtns, until now!!! war club and all!!! 77028232 77030360 My tryied&true "LOBO" along with 1.00 goodwill gun case, now ready for quad 77030361 RXR ore didn't need detector to spot this guy 77030362 placer ores 77033056 lucky day 77033057 silver dollar from just a small cache 24" from corner of a old out house 77033058 silver dollar same as last, all of 18 dollars where of 2 years, early 1920's 77033059 Another RXR Find thise abandoned RXR, was 150 miles away from the 1st one, and yet, trains still spilled there cargos over time 77033060 Gold Nugget/Same this same as last, solid gold threw matrix, with flour and speck gold in quartz, with silver into blacker area, 1.09 ounce, the mystery now, there was no record of this type ore from hills, lost unknown, here we go again !! 77033061