Trashpickers finds Trashpickers finds This is how I do it when I go for a 3 or 4 day hunt. we drive as far in and set up camp, then go the rest of the way on the ATV. 78622763 1886 dime Found in a mining town in Southern NM 78622764 New Mexico Rail Way and Coal Company lock This railroad went out of business in 1891. found in Brice NM 78622765 12th Texas panhandle stockmans association dated 1912 found in Tokay, nm 78622767 Large copper indian head 78622768 1874 League of the Crosses Cadet belt buckle Found in San Jose, Ca. The only other one know is in a museum in CA. 78622769 trade token "Good for 1 drink" 31st trade token I have found in the 7 years of Metal detecting 78622770 Knights of Pythias sword medal one of 3 Knights of Pythias medals found in a dump in Southern NM 78622771 Knights of Pythias Medal 2nd of 3 found within 2 feet of each other 78622772 All three medals 78622773 Kinney Store trade token, Tokay, NM 30th token I found 78622774 Good for 10 cent drink at the bar token 29th token I found 78622775 Good for $5.00 in Merchandise trade token back of the Kinney Store token 78622776 Toy Cannon Found in Tokay 78622777 V nickle 78622778 Ghost town finds one of 17 displays of finds 78622779 Ghost town finds display 78622780 More finds 78622781 Glass Bottle stopper display 78622782 Ladies broaches display 78622783 Small perfume bottle display 78622784 1874 Seated half dollar 78622785 other side of 1874 seated half dollar 78622786 Gold ring Found in a ghosttown that was abandon in 1860. the hallmark shows the gold was assayed and the ring was made in Birmingham England 78622787 1907 Nickle 78622788 very nice cameo large cameo with a gold back and frame. probably my nicest find o0f the year. found in a ghost town dating back to around 1870's in southern NM 86046964 another cameo found this the same day in the same town.not as complete, but it has a gold band around it. 86046965