Venterspost Mining Village, South Africa Venterspost Mining Village, South Africa Foundation of house 94927389 Foundation of house 94927390 Foundation of house 94927391 Driveway to house 94927392 Roads 94927393 Houses are gone... 94927394 Fun Fair The mine had a funpark for the children. 94927395 Fun Fair 94927396 Kiddies swim pool 94927397 Adults Pool 94927398 Adults Pool 94927399 Tennis court 94927400 Foundations 94927401 House foundation 94927402 Club House 94927403 Club House 94927404 Club House 94927405 Club House Parking area 94927406 Parking Areas 94927407 Clubhouse Toilets and Changerooms 94927408 House Foundation 94927409 Roads 94927410 Planted Trees 94927411 House Foundation 94927412 Stop Street 94927413 Another Foundation 94927414 Stop The trench next to road is where the electric cables had been removed to sell the copper. Big problem in South Africa. 94927415 Foundation 94927416 Foundation 94927417 Sink Hole One of the reasons this village has now gone is through unsafe ground due to sinkholes. This hole was in the process of being filled in. The hole is on the edge of the golf course. They drove a car into this hole for a television advert one time... the car was gone... This hole was very deep. 94927418 Sinkhole 94927419 Sinkhole 94927420 Sinkhole 94927421 Google Earth view of the village in Ruins. 94927422 Today there is nothing but clean ground. 94927423