Bedrock Bob's Photos Bedrock Bob's Photos Hardrock gold from Hillsboro About 3/4 oz. Empire vein, Hillsboro mining district. 95572266 Silver Concho Vaqueros carried conchos of silver. They drove a hole with a square nail to hang them from a thong on a saddle or on their chaps. Some conchos were hammered coins. 95572267 Token and silver shot Back in the day there was very little currency. Coins were tokens and silver and gold bullion was accepted at all businesses. This is a vaquero treasure. An 1846 token of some type and a piece of silver bullion. 95572268 Placer gold, Hillsboro A weekend detecting an drywashing. A 2.5 dwt. nugget and three pieces at 5-10 grs. Dust totals about 20 grs. 95572269 Nugget with ilmenite inclusion Placer gold nugget with ilmenite. This was once a pyrite crystal imbedded in the nugget from a sulphide deposit. Ilmenite replaced the pyrite as a pseudomorph. A Hillsboro classic found at 4" deep with a Gold Bug II. 95572270 Glorieta meteorites Pallasites (with olivine) and siderites (solid iron) meteorites. A tough find and worth more than gold by weight. Imagine a steel rain. Cool, huh? 95572271 Spear point Spear point found at 13,000 ft. altitude in the Sangre De Christos. I had to leave this one in the field. What a beauty. 95572273 Good luck? 95572274 Metal Arrowhead Metal arrowheads were popular. They say the first were made from Spanish armor to shoot back at spanish armor. ANy scrap metal was used but bands from the old wood barrels were the most popular raw material for metal arrowheads. 95574145 Odds and ends An old photo of a summers best finds. A silver religious medallion, a few old coins and some cavalry buttons. The arrowhead was found on the screen of the drywasher from the creek gravel. The gold tooth filling was found in the creek gravels of an old mining area. 95575391