New Mexico Treasure Hunters Association

"Saving History One Relic at a time"

             ~Who we are~                      

We are a online group of individuals interested in recovering relics, coins, and
other interesting or valuable items from the past, compiling records and
preserving historic data.  recreational activity and  
companionship for  members. In addition, we frequently provide a service to
the community in finding lost items of value and importance.

 We desire to encourage younger generations to develop a greater interest in exploring history, geography, researching and the outdoors and  having FUN through metal detecting and treasure hunting.

we strive to improve the public image of detector users and other amateur
historical/collectors. We therefore abide by the  treasure hunters code of ethics.



                        Code Of Ethics                       


1.  Respect the rights and property of others.


2.  Observe all laws, national, state and local.


3.  Leave land and vegetation as it was, fill all holes.


4.  Remove trash and litter when you leave.


5.  Always conduct yourself with courtesy and

consideration for others.






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